How we leverage AWS for you

Amazon Web Services provide 60+ services at last count. Everything from robust data storage to advanced Machine Learning and AI. It’s a vast and growing ecosystem.

Our skill set is taming the complexities of AWS and supplying services that small to medium enterprises need. You don’t have to be as big as Netflix or Nasa (we love dropping names) to use AWS. Our clients range from sole operators to 250 employees.

So how can you benefit? At some stage when your business grows, you will need serious computing power. But who want’s to spend money buying hardware when you may outgrow it quickly? That is why AWS is so great for startups. No big outlay.

We can provide you with Windows (or Linux) servers, automated backups, cloud networking and more. Basically we build your server room in the cloud and we can manage the whole environment, leaving you to build your business and not get bogged down in the how-to of making it work.

And you know it’s safe! It’s AWS – trusted by industry leaders.